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1. How To Add Stops For Planning

2. How To Manually Locate The Address Of Your Stop Using The Map Marker

3. How To Import CSV File To Create Stops For Planning

4. How To Use Line Address For CSV Import/Export

5. How To Export Planned Stops To CSV

6. How To Import Depot From CSV File For Planning

7. How To Use Vehicle Service Radius To Control The Assigning Of Stops To Vehicle

8. How To Select The Start And End Depots For Your Vehicles

9. How To Use The Automatic Depot Selection Feature

10. How To Set Time Windows

11. How To Assign Stops With Special Requirements To Specific Vehicle Type

12. How To Set Rush Hours Timing

13. How To Set Vehicle Capacity

14. How To Mass Edit The Loads Of The Stops

15. How To Set Up Zone For Geofencing Of Stops

16. How To Restrict Automatic Depot Selection To Zone

17. How To Import Your KML File To Create Zones In ElasticRoute

18. How To Sort The Stops Of Your Run Manually

19. How To Change The Start Time Of Your Run After Planning

20. How To Reverse The Job Sequences Of Your Run

21. How To Transfer Stops Between Runs

22. How To Re-Optimize A Single Run

23. How To Add A New Run After Planning

24. How To Use Group For Separating Runs

25. How To Set Priority For Your Stops

26. How To Pre-Assign The Stop To The Vehicle

27. How To Mass Pre-Assign The Stops To The Vehicle

28. How To Pre-Assign The Stop To The Vehicle On The Map Through Selection And Drawing

29. How To Allow The Pre-Assign Stops To Be Assigned To Other Vehicles

30. How To Use The Load ID To Split The Stops Amongst Your Vehicles

31. How To Mass Edit The Dates Of The Stops

32. How To Mass Replicate The Stops To Another Date

33. How To Set Blackout (Do Not Deliver) Time Window For Your Stops