How To Set Vehicle Capacity

If you happen to have a load constraint for your deliveries, you may enter them in the vehicle capacity of your stops and vehicles for planning and routing.

There are 3 kinds of load constraints (Weight, Volume, Seating) that may be entered for both the vehicles and stops.

In the following example, a vehicle is given a weight capacity of 10. Several stops with varying Weight Loads were created for planning and routing. The total Weight Load for each respective runs was within the weight capacity defined for the vehicle of 10.

How To Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vehicles.
  2. Click on Add or Edit Vehicle.
  3. Enter the data under Capacity into the fields > Save.

    • the weight, volume and seating capacity have arbitrary units of measurement
    • you may choose to define the Weight in kg, pounds, or tonnes; the Volume as liters, cubic meters, or gallons; and the Seating as number of people, boxes, or cartons.

How To Use

When you are adding a stop. manually enter the value into the Weight Load field.

For importing of CSV into ElasticRoute, create a list of stops with the Weight Load header.

List Of Stops With Various Weight Load
Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 City State Postal Code Country Weight Load
MINT Museum of Toys 26 Seah St Singapore Singapore 188382 Singapore 3
Odeon Towers 331 North Bridge Rd Singapore Singapore 188720 Singapore 4
Indian Heritage Centre 5 Campbell Ln Singapore Singapore 209924 Singapore 6
Temasek Polytechnic 21 Tampines Ave 1 Singapore Singapore 529757 Singapore 3
Greenwich V 1 Seletar Rd Singapore Singapore 807011 Singapore 2
Yew Tee Community Club 20 Choa Chu Kang Street 52 Singapore Singapore 689286 Singapore 3
Singapore Discovery Centre 510 Upper Jurong Rd Singapore Singapore 638365 Singapore 1
Tampines 60 Tampines North Drive 2 Singapore Singapore 528764 Singapore 7

Results After Planning

3 runs were generated, with each of the runs within the weight capacity defined for the vehicle of 10.

Table Of Planned Stops
Run Name of Stops Weight Load Total Weight Load Per Run
1 Yew Tee Community Club 3 10
Singapore Discovery Centre 1
Odeon Towers 4
Greenwich V 2
2 Tampines 7 10
MINT Museum of Toys 3
3 Indian Heritage Centre 6 9
Temasek Polytechnic 3

Screenshot Of Planned Results