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Less work for your devs with our libraries.

ElasticRoute has a REST API served over HTTP that can be used by anyone with an account. Any software / system that can communicate with the Internet with HTTP requests can thus be integrated with ElasticRoute. Our client libraries aim to provide a seamless integration experience for your devs by handling parsing, verification and authentication when communicating with the API.

Get started with any one of the languages below:

PHP – Packagist

Python – PyPI

C# (.NET) – Nuget

Java – GitHub

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Why use our libraries?


Built-In, Thorough Documentation

Find out how to use our API without having to Alt+Tab. Supports PHPStorm, PyCharm, IntelliSense and other code analyzers.


Built-In Validation & Sanitization

Catches your mistakes early so the API won’t. Fills in sensible defaults so you type less.


Built-In Parsing & Authentication

So you don’t have to do it yourself. Spend your time making great things, not parsing JSON.

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