How To Use Vehicle Service Radius To Control The Assigning Of Stops To Vehicle

Depot is your starting location or warehouse for route planning, and every vehicle in ElasticRoute is assigned to a depot.

This Vehicle Service Radius can be used to control the assignment of stops to your vehicle by excluding stops outside the defined radius of the depot from being assigned to the vehicle.

Image Of Setting Up Vehicle Service Radius

How To Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vehicles.
  2. Click Add Vehicle or Edit button.

  3. Enter the required fields for your Vehicle, and specify the Service Radius (meters).

  4. Click Save when done.

How To Use

The Vehicle Service Radius was set to 10,000 m radius, with a list of stops was being created in ElasticRoute for planning.

Example List Of Stops For Planning
Name Address Latitude Longitude
Stop1 15 Holland Heights 1.30810418 103.8035239
Stop2 81 Jervois Road 1.2944856 103.820855
Stop3 31 Cantonment Road 1.2788715 103.8403005
Stop4 1 JURONG ROAD, Singapore 1.350506644 103.7088776
Stop5 Defu Lane 4, Singapore 1.359258926 103.9001083
Stop6 1 SIN MING DRIVE, Singapore 1.357371182 103.835907
Stop7 Woodlands Avenue 12, Admiralty 1.426701906 103.8098145
Stop8 1 CHOA CHU KANG WAY, Singapore 1.400617319 103.7384033
Stop9 1 PETIR ROAD, Singapore 1.369169561 103.7765551
Stop10 Bedok Terrace, Singapore 1.325107685 103.9471436

Before Planning

Screenshot Of Table Before Planning

Screenshot Of Location Of Stops Before Planning

After Planning

3 of the stops were being not being assigned to the vehicle as they were out of the Service Radius defined for the vehicle.

Table Of Stops Result After Planning
Name Address Run Seq
Stop6 1 Sin Ming Drive 1 1
Stop7 Woodlands Avenue 12, Admiralty 2
Stop9 1 Petir Road 3
Stop1 15 Holland Heights 4
Stop2 81 Jervois Road 5
Stop5 Defu Lane 4 6
Stop3 31 Cantonment Road 7
Stop4 1 Jurong Road Unserved
Stop8 1 Choa Chu Kang Way
Stop10 Bedok Terrace

Screenshot Of Table After Planning

Screenshot Of Stops On Map