How To Add Stops For Planning

A stop is an address of a service point. You can create as many stops as you need. After planning, the stops will be automatically assign to the vehicles.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of manually adding a stop for planning in ElasticRoute.

Step 1: Click on Calendar

Step 2: Select the date of your choice

Step 3: Click Add Stop

Step 4: Enter Date, Name, and Address

*Locate the address by clicking Search or dragging the map marker if necessary.

Step 5: Click Save to return to the summary page.
Please repeat Steps 3 to 5 to create two more stops.

Step 6: Click on “Plan & Optimize”

Once the planning is completed, the rows will turn pale green, with the relevant information such as Run, Seq and ETA being generated.


  • The Run refers to the route planned for the driver.
  • The Seq refers to the Sequence/Order of the stop in the run. Your driver may follow this sequence number to perform the optimized delivery.
  • If there are some stops that are “unserved" some of the reasons might be too few vehicles or not enough time to complete all the stops.

Step 7: To export the data out, you may click on the Export button, and select Export to CSV.


Step 8: To view the locations of the stops on the map, click on Map > Select a run number.

The optimized route would be shown in the map below

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