How To Export Planned Stops To CSV

This tutorial will show you the basic steps to export your planned stops to CSV after planning.

If you wish to change the default headers for your CSV Export, you may edit them in your ElasticRoute account following Step 1, and the exported CSV will contain the edited headers.

If you do not need to change your CSV Export headers, you can skip to Step 4.

In the following example, some of the fields were edited as an example.

How To Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings > Fields.
  2. Enter your desired field name under the Custom Header column.
    Table Of Default And Custom Headers For Export
    Default Header Custom Header
    Name D.O. Number
    Postal Code ZipCode
    Depot Starting Point
    Run No. Job Run
    Sequence Job Order

  3. Click Save when done.Step 4: Go to Stops to export your CSV file.Screenshot Of Planned Stops
  4. After planning your stops, you may click on the Export button, and select Export to CSV.After editing the headers, the headers of the CSV would be as follows:
    CSV After Editing Of Headers
    D.O. Number Address City State ZipCode Country Latitude Longitude Starting Point Assign To Job Run Job Order ETA Exception
    Suntec City 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore Singapore 038983 Singapore 1.2946918 103.859158 Vehicle1 1 1 8:00 AM
    Singapore Expo 1 Expo Dr Singapore Singapore 486150 Singapore 1.3352329 103.959893 Vehicle1 1 2 10:00 AM
    Junction 8 9 Bishan Pl Singapore Singapore 579837 Singapore 1.35059015 103.848745 Vehicle1 1 3 11:00 AM

If you wish to include the traveling time and distance between stops, refer to How To Export The Traveling Time And Distance Between Stops In CSV After Planning.