How To Export The Traveling Time And Distance Between Stops In CSV After Planning

This tutorial is for users who wish to export the Traveling Time and Distance between stops in their CSV after planning.

How To Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings > General.
  2. Scroll down to the Export section.
  3. Check the Include Distance Between Stops and Include Traveling Time Between Stops checkboxes.

    Screenshot Of Checkboxes

  4. Click Update to Save.

Screenshot After Planning

  1. Click on the Export > Export to CSV button.

    When the options are enabled, both the Traveling Time and Distance will be shown in the CSV.

    Example CSV After Enabling The Options
    Name Address City State Postal Code Country Latitude Longitude Weight Load Volume Load Seating Load Time Window Service Time Pre-assign To Vehicle Type Depot Plan Depot Group Assign To Run No. Sequence ETA Exception Priority Load ID Traveling Time Distance
    Mandai Zoo Mandai Zoo 1.40231 103.816 5 Mandai Depot Vehicle2 1 1 932 10 12 9.27
    Jurong BirdPark Jurong BirdPark 1.35649 103.71871 5 Mandai Depot Vehicle2 1 2 957 10 20 18.156
    Bishan Junction 8 Bishan Junction 8 1.34978 103.85453 5 Mandai Depot Vehicle1 2 1 941 10 22 19.335
    Changi Airport Changi Airport 1.31881 103.91297 5 Mandai Depot Vehicle3 3 1 949 10 29 26.999

Refer to How To Set Buffer For Your Deliveries for adjusting the Traveling Time of your vehicles.