How To Pre-Assign The Stop To The Vehicle On The Map Through Selection And Drawing

ElasticRoute allows you to pre-assign the stop to your vehicle for planning.

This feature is useful if you have certain stops that needs to be performed by certain vehicles, or that you wish to manually cluster your stops for routing.

This tutorial will show you the steps in using the Pre-Assign feature on the map for doing so.

How To Set Up

Vehicle Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vehicles.
  2. Click on Add Vehicle to create the vehicles.

    Refer to How To Add Vehicles.

How To Use

  1. Import Of CSV
    Prepare a list of stops and upload into your ElasticRoute account.

    List Of Stops For Planing
    Name Address Latitude Longitude
    Stop1 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore 579837 1.3505274 103.8485301
    Stop2 18 Yishun Ave 9, Junction Nine, Singapore 769098 1.433201 103.84164
    Stop3 1 Woodlands Rd, Singapore 677899 1.38035 103.76013
    Stop4 1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593 1.2935198 103.8572572
    Stop5 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150 1.334308 103.959258
    Stop6 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826 1.4037375 103.7904219
    Stop7 CHIJ 1.36618779 103.7679291
    Stop8 King Albert Park 1.33411748 103.7835503
    Stop9 Lim Chu Kang Agri Bio Park 1.42803187 103.7037277
    Stop10 Jurong BirdPark 1.32032163 103.7081699

    Refer to How To Import CSV File To Create Stops For Planning.

Screenshot Of Jobs Before Planning

  1. Click on the Map tab to view the locations of the stops.

Screenshot Of Stop Locations On Map

  1. Click on the Pre-assign button.

  1. Select “Vehicle" from the dropdown.
  1. Click on the Select Vehicle drop-down to select the Vehicle.

  1. The icon of the map markers will change.

Screenshot Of Map-markers On Map

Single Selection
  1. You may click on the map marker to have the stop pre-assigned to the driver.

Screenshot Of Pre-Assigned Stops

Mass Selection
  1. For mass assignment of stops, click on the Draw Tool button.

  1. Thereafter you may click on the map to indicate the points for selection.

Screenshot Of Pre-Assigned Stops Using The Draw Tool

  1. Optional. Subsequently, click on the Select Vehicle drop-down to pre-assign the stops to the other vehicle/s.

Screenshot Of Pre-Assigned Stops

  1. Click the Back button again to complete the process.

Screenshot Of Pre-Assigned Stops

  1. Click on the Stops tab to return back to the table view.

Screenshot Of Table View

  1. You may trigger the Plan & Optimize to start the planning.

After Planning

After planning the stops were assigned according to their Pre-Assigned vehicles.

Table Of Stop Results After Planning
Name Assign To Run No. Sequence
Stop6 Vehicle1 1 1
Stop9 2
Stop10 3
Stop7 4
Stop3 5
Stop1 Vehicle2 2 1
Stop8 2
Stop4 3
Stop5 4
Stop2 5

Screenshot After Planning

Screenshot Of Runs

Screenshot Of Run 1 (Vehicle1)

Screenshot Of Run 2 (Vehicle2)