How To Import CSV File To Create Depots For Planning

ElasticRoute supports importing of CSV file for creation of Depots.

The first entry in the CSV file will be used by system as the default depot. When there is no depot assigned to the vehicle or stop, the default depot will be used for the vehicles and stops.

Import Of CSV

Should you wish to import your depots using a CSV file, you can download CSV template or prepare your own CSV file.

  1. Prepare a CSV file as follows:
    Example List Of Depots
    Name Address Latitude Longitude Loading Time Auto Depot
    Changi Depot 19 Loyang Way, Singapore 508724 1.376277 103.9716325 10
    Woodlands Depot Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 1, Singapore 739229 1.4378789 103.7768667 10

    • Name and Address are required fields.
    • Importing of the CSV will DELETE all existing depot entries in your account and replaced by the new list from the CSV file.
    • The first entry in the CSV will be used as the Default depot.
    • Enter 0 for the Auto Depot field to disable it from being used in the Auto Depot Selection feature.
  2. Click on Settings > Depots.
  3. Click on the Import button.

  4. Click on the Choose File button to select the CSV for import.

  5. Click on the Upload button to create the depots.