How To Connect With Detrack

If you have a Detrack – Live Vehicle Tracking And Proof Of Delivery account, you may choose to sync it with your ElasticRoute account for route planning and optimization.

The setup is split into:

How To Set Up


Detrack Field Setup
  1. Login to your Detrack dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Job > Fields > Enable Job Sequence, Run No. and ETA Time > Save.*The information of the optimized routes from ElasticRoute would be sent back to these fields.

    The Job Sequence will determine the order of the job lists in the Driver App. Your driver may follow this job order that appears on his / her screen to perform the deliveries.

    The Run Number is an ordered grouping of the stops that can be passed or assigned to a driver that forms a route.
    Refer to How To Scan QR Codes To Accept Runs.

    The ETA represents the estimated time of arrival, i.e. the time the vehicle is expected to reach the stop.

    If you happen to require the use of Group, Vehicle Type, Priority or Service Time for planning, you may enable the following fields.
    Refer to Field Setup below.

  3. Navigate to Settings > Job > Sorting > Switch off Auto sort jobs > Save.
Detrack API Key
  1. Navigate to Integrations > API key to retrieve your Detrack API key.
  2. Copy thisĀ Detrack API key.
  1. Log in to your ElasticRoute dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Detrack.
  3. Paste the Detrack API key (from Step 5 above) into the API key field.

Field Setup

You may select certain fields to retrieve information from your Detrack account for planning.

The selection of the fields is Optional. Leave the fieldĀ blank if you do not require the use of the feature.


  • Checking the Push Planned Depot checkbox will overwrite the original Detrack depot field replace it with the edited planned depot value in ElasticRoute.
    For example, if the original value in your Detrack were to be Depot1, and if the planned depot value in ElasticRoute were to be Depot2, your depot information in your Detrack account would be altered to Depot2 after pushing the data back.
  • Checking the Push Unserved Stops checkbox will clear the Assign To, ETA Time, Job Sequence and Run No. information of the Unserved Stops from ElasticRoute in Detrack.
    Uncheck it to prevent the information in Detrack from getting overwritten.
  • Checking the Assign Correspond Collection option will assign the corresponding Collection jobs to the same vehicle as per your Delivery jobs with the same D.O. No.
Filtering Of Jobs By Job Statuses
  1. You may choose to pull jobs of certain status from Detrack for planning. Only jobs with the corresponding checked job statuses will be pulled.
      Note: For a new day or freshly imported jobs, the recommended job statuses to be selected are:

    • In Progress
    • Info Received
Retrieving Vehicle Information From Detrack
  1. Entering the information in the Vehicle Section would automatically input these properties to your vehicles when you pull the Vehicle information from your Detrack account into ElasticRoute.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vehicles.
  3. Click on the Import button > Pull from Detrack.
    Refer to How To Add Vehicles to edit your vehicles.
Retrieving Group Information From Detrack
    1. Navigate to Settings > Groups.
    2. Click on the Import button > Pull from Detrack.