How To Re-Optimize A Single Run

ElasticRoute allows you to manually transfer stops between runs and re-optimize the selected run after the initial planning.

Below is an example showing the steps to re-optimize a single run.

Screenshot After Planning (Before Manual Sorting)

How To Use

  1. After planning, click on the Map tab.

  2. Select the run that you wish to sort manually.

  3. A panel will appear on the right hand side.

  4. Click the Transfer button.

  5. Select another run.

  6. You may click-and-drag the stops between the runs. For example, the “Mandai Zoo" stop was being transferred from Run 2 to Run 1.

  7. To re-optimize the run, click on the Plan & Optimize button .

  8. Click Confirm when done.

  9. A popup will appear. Click Yes to complete.