How To Set Up Zone For Geofencing Of Stops

A geofence is a virtual perimeter or fence around a geographical real-world area of interest. ElasticRoute allows you to draw and create geofence in the form of Zone to indicate and group your stops for planning, to control or restrict the assigning of stops to vehicles.

Upon creation of a Zone, the stops will be grouped into their respective Zones and Unzoned for planning. Stops not within a Zone will be tagged with Unzoned.

Screenshot Of An Unzoned Stop (Stops not within a zone)

In the following example, 2 Zones and 3 vehicles were created, with 2 of the vehicles being assigned a Zone to demonstrate the use of Zone.

After planning, the Stops would be assigned to the Vehicles tagged with the respective Zone/s.


  • Vehicles with a Zone defined will be assigned stops within the same Zone.
  • Vehicles with the Unzoned selected can be assigned stops that are not within a Zone.
Table Of Vehicle to Stop Zone Assignment
Unzoned Zoned
Vehicle Zone Selected No Yes
Unzoned Selected Yes No
Zone and Unzoned Selected Yes Yes

How To Set Up

Creation Of Zone Manually

  1. Navigate to Settings > Zone.
  2. Enter a name and click on “Add Zone".

  3. A cursor will appear for you to draw and define your Zone.

    Creation Of Zone1

    Creation Of Zone2

    Refer to How To Import Your KML File To Create Zones In ElasticRoute.

How To Delete A Zone

This section of the tutorial will show you the steps to delete a Zone from your account.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Zone.
  2. Click on the Delete button.

  3. Move the mouse cursor onto the Map.

  4. Click on the Zone that you wish to delete.

  5. Click on the Confirm button, and a pop-out will appear.
  6. Click on Yes to complete the deletion.

Assigning Zone To Vehicle

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vehicle
  2. Select the Zone for your vehicle.

    • You may select more that 1 Zone.

    Table Of Vehicle Setup
    Vehicle Name Zones
    V-NoZone Unzoned
    V-Zone1 Zone1
    V-Zone2 Zone2

    • The stops that do not fall within any drawn zones would be placed under the Unzoned.

    Screenshot Of Vehicle Setup

How To Use

Before Planning

A list of stops was created and uploaded for planning to demonstrate the use of Zone. During the planning phase, the stops would be placed into their respectively Zone automatically.

For creation or uploading of Stops into ElasticRoute, refer to How To Import CSV File To Create Stops For Planning.

List Of Stops For Planning
Name Address Postal Code
Stop1 43 Poh Huat Crescent 546876
Stop2 1 Segar Road 677738
Stop3 12 Tuas Avenue 3 639411
Stop4 31 Devonshire Road 239851
Stop5 70 Nanyang Terrace 639747
Stop6 101 Wilkinson Road 436559
Stop7 27 Gilstead Road 309071
Stop8 43 Tampines Street 92 528887
Stop9 10 Valley Road 534459
Stop10 39 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace 416119
Stop11 3A Sennett Drive 466981
Stop12 397C Woodlands Road 678033
Stop13 1 Bishan Street 12 579808
Stop14 5 Jalan Intan 668765

Screenshot Of Stops Location Before Planning

Results After Planning

From the table of the planned results below, 3 runs were being generated, with the stops automatically placed in the defined Zone and assigned to the appropriate vehicle after planning.

The stops in Zone1 and Zone2 were assigned V-Zone1 and V-Zone2 respectively, while the Unzoned stops that do not belong any of the Zone were being assigned to V-NoZone.

Table Of Planned Results
Run Vehicle Name Zone Job Sequence
1 V-NoZone Stop1 Unzoned 1
Stop9 2
Stop13 3
Stop7 4
Stop4 5
2 V-Zone1 Stop10 Zone1 1
Stop8 2
Stop11 3
Stop6 4
3 V-Zone2 Stop2 Zone2 1
Stop12 2
Stop14 3
Stop5 4
Stop3 5

Screenshot After Planning

Screenshot Of All Runs

Screenshot Of Run1 Without A Zone

Screenshot Of Run2 in Zone1

Screenshot Of Run3 in Zone2

How To Display Or Hide The Zone Label On The Map

After planning, you can choose to display or hide the labels of your zones on the map.

How To Use

  1. After planning, click on the Map tab.
  2. Check or uncheck the Show Zone Labels checkbox to display or hide the zone label.

Screenshot Of Zone Label

Screenshot Planned Stops With The Show Zone Labels Unchecked
(Zone labels will not be displayed on map)

Screenshot Planned Stops With The Show Zone Labels Checked
(Zone labels being displayed on map)