How To Add A New Run After Planning

ElasticRoute allows you to manually add a new run to achieve your desired planning for your vehicles.

This tutorial will show you the steps to create a new run after the initial Plan and Optimize process.

Screenshot After Planning

How To Use

Step 1: After planning, click on the Map tab.

Step 2: Click on the Select Run dropdown and select New.

Step 3: Click on the Select Vehicle and select your Vehicle.

Step 4: Click and select the Run that you wish to transfer the stops to the new run.

Step 5: The stops belonging to that run will appear.

Step 6: Click-and-drag to transfer the stops between the runs.

Step 7: Click on the Plan and Optimize button to replan the run.

Step 8: Click on the Change Start Time button to edit the Start Time of the run.

Step 9: Click the Confirm button.

Step 10: A pop up will appear.

Step 11: Click Yes to complete.