How To Add A New Run After Planning

ElasticRoute allows you to manually add a new run to achieve your desired planning for your vehicles.

This tutorial will show you the steps to create a new run after the initial Plan and Optimize process.

Screenshot After Planning

How To Use

  1. After planning, click on the Map tab.
  2. Click the Select Run dropdown and select New.
  3. Click the Select Vehicle and select your Vehicle.
  4. Click and select the Run that you wish to transfer the stops to the new run.
  5. The stops belonging to that run will appear.
  6. Click-and-drag to transfer the stops between the runs.
  7. Click the Plan and Optimize button to replan the run.
  8. Click the Change Start Time button to edit the Start Time of the run.
  9. Click the Confirm button.
  10. A pop up will appear.
  11. Click Yes to complete.