How To Generate Reverse Open Path For Your Runs

This tutorial is regarding the generation of “Reverse Open Path" for your runs.

“Revere Open Path" will result in the systems prioritizing of the furthest stop back to depot.

It is typically being used for collecting items from various stops back to the depot to minimize fuel wastage due to weight of the load.

Below is an image the expected path for Reverse and Open Path Routing

The numbers above and below of the map-marker icon are the job sequences of the stop in a run for Reverse Open Path and Open Path Routing respectively.

Image Of Reverse And Open Path Routing

How To Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings > General.
  2. Scroll down to the “Plan" section > Enable “Reverse Direction".
  3. Click Save when done.

Note: The depot “Loading Time" will turn into “Unloading Time" when this feature is being enabled; and that this value will be added to the end of the run.

How To Use

A list of stops was created as follows.

Name Latitude Longitude
Stop 1 1.3505893 103.8487448
Stop 2 1.334579 103.889601
Stop 3 1.3350878 103.7291373
Stop 4 1.35467 103.77644
Stop 5 1.3145593 103.8099841
Depot 1.3573382 103.9885647

Screenshot Before Planning

After Planning

The “Reverse open path" generated a run prioritizing the furthest stop back to depot.