Our Team

If you take out the team in Teamwork, it’s just work.
Now who wants that?

– Matthew W. Stover

Dason Goh

"Who's the boss? I'm not the boss!"

Fanny See

"The world gets better when you smile."

Daniel Goh


Terence Yee

“Keeping up with latest phone releases is a way of life.”

Jenny Goh

“Let's talk buffet strategies."

Lary Cheong

“Pretty sure I’m a badass Firebender in another life.”

Johnny Tan

“What’s the level after God Mode?”

Farah Nur Afrina

"The only AI I'm interested in is Adobe Illustrator."

Jason Tan

"A short run is better than no run."

Chien Lee

“Iverson at his prime was pure swag.”

Gabrielline Oliveiro

"Retired time-traveller. Swipe right!"

Charles Tan

“The perfect Sunday is a hot cup of tea and browsing Wikipedia.”

Alex Shum

“We're only strangers till the first cheers.”

Chong Wee Chien

“Practically, ideas are nothing without execution.”

Others see flaws, we see untapped potential.
We embrace each other’s idiosyncrasies.
Because we rather be a great team
than a team of greats.